Massive Star Discovered

This is amazing …

A newfound star has shattered the record as the most massive stellar monster ever seen, astronomers announced today.

Weighing in at a whopping 265 times the mass of our sun, the behemoth may have actually slimmed down since birth, when it likely tipped the scales at 320 times the sun’s mass.

Is there more yet to discover? You bet. We have only scratched the surface. When you look up, you see in our galaxy 100-200 Million stars. Beyond that, there are over 100 Million other Galaxies that we can see. Some are small, and only have about 10 million stars, others are massive and have over a trillion stars. Can you even begin to get you head around such vast numbers? I can’t.

Now consider this, all that is only 4% of the universe. We have no idea what the other 96% is.

Is that it? Nope, some speculate and even suggest that quantum mechanics might imply we live in a multiverse and that there are lots of other universes. One example of such thinking is The Fabric of Reality book by physicist David Deutsch, written in 1997. (As a side note I met him at TAM London last year).

We have so much more to explore and learn about, we have only just begun.

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