D-Day looms for RIM in India

The Indian Government gave RIM (thats Reseach in Motion, the folks who do Blackberrys) until the end of January (today) to provide lawful intercept capabilities to emails sent from BlackBerry handsets … and if they don’t, then action will apparently be taken.

Now, what is truly insane about all this is that RIM has already provided for the lawful intercept of instant messaging, and email accounts hosted on its BlackBerry Enterprise Servers (BES). However, where a corporation runs its own BES then the encryption keys are only shared between the server and the handset: RIM delivers the messages, but has no way to decrypt them … in other wards, the Indian government can exert as much pressure as they wish … nothing is going to change.

So where are we right now? … well apparently RIM has been repeating their position over the last few days, trying to get the point through and hoping to maintain service to the 1.1 million BlackBerry users in India. Now it appears the Indian government has decided that RIM is bluffing and intends to go through with its threat to ask the network operators to block all BlackBerry communications.

So there you have it … a government acting in an insanely stupid manner. Gosh, that’s something none of us have even seen before.

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