Do we live in a Hologram?

hologram universe

For those wanting the quick answer – so far the actual evidence for this, and that includes the above claim, is no. So the above appeared within my Facebook feed and the context was a group that claims to debunk both evolution and atheism. The guy posting it is deeply religious and also posted it … Read moreDo we live in a Hologram?

Half The Universe has just been found


Putting both Dark Matter and also Dark Energy aside, if you look at everything we can see, all the galaxies, then it has been rather clear that a lot was missing, or to be a tad more precise, had not actually been observed. How was that known? Well, basically what should be there had been … Read moreHalf The Universe has just been found

You came from somewhere else in the universe – Star Stuff

Understanding reality can lead to some rather astonishing insights, and so today I’d like to point out two of these mind blowing details. The death of a star led to your existence – All the atoms that you are made of were forged inside the heart of a star. The only reason you exist is … Read moreYou came from somewhere else in the universe – Star Stuff

What is the Big News that NASA Will Announce today?

There has been a bit of media flutter about the NASA Press Release entitled …. “NASA to Reveal New Discoveries in News Conference on Oceans Beyond Earth“. Yes the grammar of that press release title sucks, and so no, that NASA News Conference will not be taking place on an alien ocean. I must confess I am … Read moreWhat is the Big News that NASA Will Announce today?

Is MARS getting warmer? – #climate

While reading an article related to yesterdays posting I noticed that one of the very first comments to pop up under it was this … Mars is currently warming without any human interference.  Google it. Why did the left highjack this and politicize it? The point he is attempting to make is that humans have not … Read moreIs MARS getting warmer? – #climate

Where is our Super-Earth?

Often we can become trapped in binary thinking that blinds us to other possibilities that are potentially better answers. The classical example is that when faced with a glass that contains exactly 50% water you divide the world up into the optimists who see a glass that as half-full and the pessimists who see it … Read moreWhere is our Super-Earth?