Which Blogs does PZ Myers read?

Currently (in my humble opinion) the mantle of “Science Blogger King” rests upon the shoulders of PZ Myers. His Pharyngula blog is well worth reading on a daily, in fact almost hourly, basis. Many others agree, and that’s reflected by the raw statistics, the number of comments has almost exceeded the 1 million count. One side effect of having some many readers is the joy or watching some silly poll on-line being “Pharyngulated”. PZ will simply point it out, and before they know what hit them, some Christian web site running a “Do you believe in God” poll will find they has just been swamped with tens of thousands voting “No”. If you have never read Pharyngula, check it out.

OK, so here is an interesting question. If most of the Godless liberals out there read Pharyngula for their daily dose of sanity, then what does PZ himself read? With thanks to “The Chronicle” we now have the answer …

Q: What’s the first thing you read in the morning?
A: My site, Pharyngula, of course. I have to clean up spam, catch up with the conversation, and feed the fires with my own contributions.

Q: What newspapers and magazines do you subscribe to or read regularly? What do you read in print versus online or mobile?
A: I read Nature, Science, BioEssays, Development, Developmental Biology, PNAS [Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences] regularly, and a few other journals irregularly. I read almost nothing printed on paper—I prefer to download PDF’s and read them on my laptop or iPad.
Newspapers I might read occasionally for the novelty, usually if there’s one left on the table at the coffee shop. I do browse The New York Times online

Q: What books have you recently read?
A: I read a book every day or two, except lately when I’ve been swamped with work. Last book read was Lone Frank’s Mindfield: How Brain Science Is Changing Our World, before that was Oren Harman’s The Price of Altruism, Erik Larson’s Thunderstruck, a fun little book called Quirks of Human Anatomy by Lewis Held, it goes on and on. I tend to slurp up any printed matter that stumbles before my eyes.

Q: Has your reading of professional journals changed in the past 10 years? If so, how?
A: Not in subject matter, which remains almost entirely in developmental and evolutionary biology. I have picked up browsing the PLoS journals. The big change is in the switch to electronic media—10 years ago, it was a matter of regular trips to the library to photocopy papers. Now I just stuff PDF’s onto a hard drive.

Q: Do you read blogs? If so, what blogs do you like best?
A: My faves right now are Why Evolution Is True, Sandwalk, Butterflies and Wheels, ERV, a few others—anything where the personality of the author shines through, and I do favor hard-edged godless science writers who don’t mince words.

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