UPDATE: 14-year-old girl lashed to death in Bangladesh

I previously blogged about the horrific death of a 14 year old who was lashed to death on the orders of an Islamic cleric. So what has now happened?

An initial autopsy conducted after Hena’s death claimed that the girl suffered no external or internal injuries. Once that was announced, The Daily Star, a Bangladeshi newspaper, made the results public and suggested there was a cover-up in the teen’s death.

To resolve this, the High Court then ordered her body exhumed for a second autopsy. That examination was carried out by a team of doctors at a hospital in Dhaka, the capital.

“Multiple injuries were found. The girl died because of bleeding,” Deputy Attorney General Altaf Hossain told the BBC’s Bengali service.

Hena was sentenced to the public whipping for adultery after she was accused of having sex with a 40-year-old married cousin named Mahbub Khan. But Hena’s family and neighbors said the girl had been raped.

Khan was also found guilty of rape by elders in the village of Chamta, in Shariatpur district, about 55 miles from Dhaka, the BBC said. But despite this finding, Hena was flogged, which just goes to illustrate how barbarbic Islamic Sharia law is; it was the local cleric who ordered it. Khan was also sentenced to a whipping but he escaped.

Khan has now been arrested by the authorities, the BCC and Daily Star reported. He is expected to be charged with rape and could face murder charges if the court finds his actions led to his young cousin’s death, the BBC said.

Four other people, including a Muslim cleric, have been arrested in the case, and more arrests are possible.

Not everybody there is a religious nutcase, some common sense does prevail. Bangladesh’s high court last year outlawed punishments under Sharia. Hena is the second person to die since that ruling. A 40-year-old woman died in December after she was publicly beaten

You will find the defenders of Islam claiming, “Oh thats not us, thats them”, but the reality is that this is where Sharia law leads you. Its not justice, nor is it moral. The Bangladesh High Court has recognised this, and thats why they have ruled against it and declared Sharia to be illegal.  Applying archaic rules that are claimed to have been dictated by a non-existent supernatural entity will only bring misery, poverty, abuse, oppression and death

When faced with claim that Islam is a religion of peace … be skeptical, the available evidence time and time again tells a very different story. People can and should be free to believe whatever they wish, but they must also be forbidden from imposing all such nonsense on others, not doing so leads to tragedies like this.

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  1. May Allah mercy these innocent victims.

    Due to the ignorance which unfortunately prevails in poor Muslim countries and areas, the application of the sharia has become random and ill in those areas. If a person is sentenced to lashing that means that he should not die, simply because he was not sentenced to death. The lashing must be light as not to harm him/her.

    The other grave problem is the fact that in some countries they further their ignorance by passing a sentence without meeting the difficult condition that the sharia has stipulated in order to apply punishments in honor crimes, which is that four grownup righteous sane men who were never witnessed lying or caught in any crime should see the sexual act happen and be completely sure of it. Thus, through this condition, it is almost impossible to discover such crimes. The condition also shows that Islamic sharia made this punishment only for determent. Based on this strict condition, the sentence may be applied once every 30 years, but not as frequently as we hear about in these backward countries. What a crime they have done by passed a sentence without evidence!

    Moreover, rape victims cannot be punished, they must receive rehabilitation and care. The question of evidence comes up again. What is the clerics evidence on her involvement in a relation? They have none as it looks.

    Worst, we have not heard that they executed the male criminal, which suggests that in some countries they apply the punishment in honor crimes on the woman or the weak party and spare the man. It is a judicial disaster.

    More, clerics are not tools for implementing these punishments. The high court and eligible judicial governmental institutions are the only ones to pass sentences on people.

    Finally, Islamic punishments should be applied when fair and trusted judicial tools for implementing the law are to be found. Khalif Omar halted the application of theft punishment for a whole year in which there was a lack in food supplies. It is hardly believable that in primitive backward areas as found in Bangladesh there could be any.


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