Uganda about to introduce Death Penalty for the crime of being gay

Uganda is about to introduce new legislation that will impose a Death penalty for being Gay.

AllAfrica reports …

Ugandan activists confirmed today at a press briefing organised by that the death penalty had not been dropped from the “Kill The Gays bill – contrary to media reports claiming the contrary. A source at the American embassy in Uganda confirmed that the law went through a consultary committee that cannot make changes to the law.

“The only version of the bill that is public today still includes the death penalty provision for ‘aggravated homosexuality'” said Kasha Jacqueline, Executive Director of Freedom and Roam Uganda (FARUG). “We know that the bill still refers to death, contrary to what the media is saying.”

Yes indeed, some immoral religious fuckwits (I sure you can think of several other terms), are about to introduce the death penalty in Uganda for the crime of being gay.

The folks in Uganda pushing this are not isolated, it has been reported that they have the support of American organizations like the Family Research Council (FRC) and the American Family Association (AFA).

When you encounter people who believe things that are not actually true it is often tempting to think that it may be best to simply leave them alone and not challenge them. The problem is that embracing such things has consequences, and sometimes the do-nothing option is not at all best because if bad ideas remain unchallenged, real harm often results. The religious belief that being gay is immoral has no justification at all, what consenting adults do in private is not something that others get any say about.

People are of course free to believe whatever they wish, and we also retain the freedom to label such beliefs to be bullshit. However, when they then attempt to impose their batshit crazy insanity upon others by force, they have crossed the Rubicon from “just-crazy” into “truly-evil”.

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