Taliban Lash a Girl for Defying Forced Marriage

Here is a report of more religious insanity …

The incident has happened a month ago in Bala Murghab district of Badghis province.

The girl was lashed in public for refusing to marry an old man.

The lash order has reportedly been issued by a Pakistani Taliban commander in the province.

Meanwhile, head of the clerics council in the western region, Maulawi Khudadad Saleh, described the beating as inhumane, adding that such acts are deliberately committed to damage Islam.

“This is unacceptable and totally against Islam,” said Maulawi Khudadad Saleh.

Reports suggested that the girl was lashed in Mungan village in Bala Murghab district of the province around one month ago.

A videotape obtained by TOLO news shows a Taliban man lashing a girl while she is lying on the ground with her feet and hands being tightly held by two other Taliban men.

She is being lashed hardly while screaming with pain before the eyes of locals.

Some locals said a Pakistani Taliban fighter had ordered the summary punishment.

Nobody has been detained in connection with the incident.

You can read this here.

There are a couple of observations to be drawn here.

First is that tragically this is no longer a shock or a surprise, it is what we are fast learning to expect from this region. There is no dignity, nor compassion, nor even basic human decency, it has all be stripped away by a delusional religious belief.

There are many who claim that Islamic belief is the only truth, yet when unleashed and permitted to reign, we find this claim to be a lie.  This is not a story about a few individuals gone bad, but rather its a story that illustrates the power of religion to so bind up the minds of humans that it permits them to commit such deeds in the belief that they are in the right.

Most people believe that religion is a force for good, yet most mainstream belief systems …

  • promote gender inequality
  • promote gay hostlity
  • promote a fantasy as a reality

When faced with the claim that religion is a force for good … be skeptical.

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