#QEDcon starts tomorrow … Fri 4th Feb

Folks, the big day is almost here, so I have a few tips …

  • If using twitter, the hash tag is #QEDcon – lots of folks already using it now, check it out.
  • Not got a ticket, or can’t afford to come? – Then come hang out in the 3rd floor bar on Fri at 8pm, a lot of folks will be just hanging out there.
  • Bought a ticket, but not got it yet? – panic not, its a paperless system, just turn up with your booking reference, they will have your name.
  • Want to know more? – the main QED website is here.
  • 10:23 will happen there this year, if you turn up, you get to take part – I blogged about this here earlier today
  • There will also be a free WiFi setup, so if anybody blinks, then you can catchup on twitter or via the gazillions of folks who will be live-blogging about all the other live-bloggers around them … :-)

Finally, here is a teaser video for it all …

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