Pope no longer very popular in the UK

The folks organizing the papal visit to the UK have apparently, not only being making a bit of a hash of it all, but are now also faced with a bit of shock (for them) . Apparently people aren’t exactly stampeding over the pews to attend. They had originally planned a venue at Coventry Airport that could hold 200,000, but that has now been moved to a far smaller venue that only holds 65,000. Now they have discovered that they won’t even half fill that (Yippie! … nice to see folks voting with their feet on this one).

The excuse being offered is that the tickets cost £25 and people are put off by the idea of queuing for hours to get in. Are the clerics who booked a 200,00 seat venue for their leader that completely out of touch with reality? … well yes, of course they are. You do need to remember that this is a pedophilia cult. These are the folks who decided that it was not only a good idea to bugger the little children in their care, but to also protect the abusers and cover it all up, so the thought of a large number of folks seeking out this group for moral guidance perhaps falls into the “delusionally optimistic” category.

Apparently also, there are rumors that …

… sections of the media are preparing to mark the Pope’s arrival with some sort of Catholic sex scandal …

So it looks like it will potentially be quite an entertaining visit after all.

You can click here and read more about it all in Damian Thompson’s Telegraph article

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    I love your blog posts! Little did I know that the father I sat down to eat breakfast with at TAM was a awesome science blogger! Keep up the great work. I hope we meet up again at a future TAM or other skeptical meeting.



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