Lawless Law gets the boot by the Pope

The news, reported in the Guardian here, is that Bernard Law, who quit as Boston archbishop in 2002 over US priest child abuse scandal, resigns from subsequent Vatican job.

So why is this news? Well, because Law is a truly repugnant individual. He was clearly shown to have actively participated in the cover-up of child molestation.

The abuse crisis erupted in Law’s Boston in 2002 after church records were made public showing that church officials had reports of priests molesting children, but kept the complaints secret and shuffled some priests from parish to parish rather than remove them or report them to police. Law himself was named in hundreds of lawsuits accusing him of failing to protect children from known child molesters.

So how did the Church authorities deal with his cover-up in 2002? He remained a Cardinal and an Archbishop, and was given a new job in the Vatican, so apparently covering-up of child molestation is quite OK.

If you truly think these folks hold the high moral ground, then you might wish to revise that thought; the evidence does not confirm that.


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