Girl arrested for allegedly burning Qur’an!!!

Its a book … just a flat dead tree with some ink. It was her book, she owned it, she possessed it, and she was just 15 years old.

The crime that motivated her arrest is that she simply burned her own book, and so she now stands accused of inciting religious hatred.

So lets see if I understand this correctly … there are folks out there who, without any evidence, truly believe that this is not just ink and paper, but that it has some magical property because it has words in it that are supposed to be the words of a mythical supernatural entity called God, so when she burns her own copy, they choose to be offended and she gets arrested. This is quite frankly fracking nuts.

Catherine Heseltine, chief executive officer of the Muslim public affairs committee, said burning the Qur’an was one of the most offensive acts to Muslims she could imagine.

Really! … well since when is being offended a crime? These folks are free to believe whatever they like, but they need to come to terms with the fact that there are others who will not go along with their superstitious nonsense … getting a 15 year old girl arrested is the real offense here.

There is a link to an article about this in the Guardian.

PZ also has a very sensible write-up on all this, you can read it here.

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