A rather fishy Islamic story

The Internet is indeed very much proving itself to be the place where Islam comes to be unmercifully laughed at and mocked  and it really is self-inflicted. Today’s little story is just one tiny example of the utter insanity that is rolling around out there under the illusion of being viable Islamic apologetics.

Here is a picture of a fish for you to gaze at, and this is not any old fish. Instead it was presented to a forum (designed by Muslims to debunk Atheism) as a miracle because apparently the pattern on this wee Oscar fish spells the word “Allah” .

Its at this point that all the atheists in the forum commenced a group wide facepalm. I need not point out the bleeding obvious … and yes the word that best describes this is indeed Pareidolia, for we have moved into what can be best described as the “Jesus on a Grilled sandwich” mode. I bet you thought it was just the Christians who went ga-ga over stuff like this, nope not at all, the Muslims do it as well. Ah, but being good Muslims, we do not get images, that’s a big no-no, so instead we get Arabic writing that just spells God’s name.

One chap observed that it appears to be a far closer match to the Ipod-Black Eyes Peas _ Hey Mama. (I agree) You can click here to see if you agree, so as one wag put it, “Apple iFish. Come on… Somebody had to say it.”.

The conversation soon changed direction and our “true believer” was off on a rant about evolution being a lie (yep another facepalm moment, if you hang out in these forums you will end up with a very red face). But this was not the end of the fish, because soon the fish re-emerged and was resurrected as “Christian” fish, complete with a cross curtesy of photoshop. Yep, we sure do go gunning for these loons, and also make damn sure that we enjoy every moment.

Our believer was accused of being (quite rightly) a complete idiot for touting this stuff. He takes offense and claims …

Me stupid i have convert 25 Atheist an 7 christian to Islam,so 32 people is stupid three of them was a Doctor and one of them was physician,i can invite them in the group if you want

To which we suggest, “Oh yes please, bring them all in, we would love to meet them”. Ah but guess what, he can’t deliver, and so comes back with the hell card instead …

Unfaithful people useless to God I will not waste my time in making you believe in God,Hell is waiting for you all.Suicide is not allow in Islam ,but you will have to do it to see God’s hell making with stone and fire.Would like to die like Kafir or Servant of God?

So why do we do it? To convert folks like him? Nope, they generally don’t convert, but the fence sitters listening in might, the group has 24,000 members, and even though it is supposed to be Islam doing the debunking, like in many other places all over the Internet, we Atheists own them … the only de-bunking going on is the debunking of Islamic insanity.

To finish off here is a nice little clip by Dusty explaining that today we Atheists really do own the Internet … its where religion comes to die.

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