Faithful Muslim thrown into Prison for Burning Quran

Now this is a truly weird and also sad little story that illustrates that common sense is so damn rare in some places that it truly is a superpower.

The story is that a twenty-year-old student at a seminary attached to Imdadia Mosque, Junaid Ahmed, was caught burning a Qu’ran. For you and me this is no big deal, because we see paper and ink, but for a Muslim it truly is a big deal because they are indeed that delusionally crazy.

So had he suddenly flipped? Nope, apparently some of the pages in his Quran had been torn so he asked a teacher how to best dispose of them. His tutor advised him to take them to a well that had been built for this purpose, but upon arrival he found lots of paper already blowing about, then remembering that it was OK to burn them if consigning them to the river or sea was not possible, he got some matches out and set to work. Here is where we suddenly take a left-hand turn into the twilight zone of batshit crazy … as reported by the press in Pakistan …

One Akhtar Nisar saw Junaid burning the pages and raised a hue and cry. Some people gathered there and started torturing the student. He kept pleading that he was burning the holy pages to protect them from desecration, but the crowd did not listen to him.

Soon the police turned up, arrested him, then carted him off to jail, so now this frightened boy sits in prison, pleading, “Had I known that this act could be considered as a blasphemy I would never have done it,”. Not only have basic human rights, but also now also common sense have taken a backseat here in this little drama.

Delusional belief systems – never ever a good idea.

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