Disgraced American Cardinal who covered up abuse … still gets to vote for new pope

Roger-Mahony_2486737bYou would think they had learned a few lessons by now, but now apparently not. The news is that the disgraced American Cardinal who covered up child abuse has announced that he will be attending next month’s conclave to elect a new Pope. This cretinous lunatic concealed abuse cases involving dozens of priests in the US … yet

He was stripped of those duties by his successor, Archbishop Jose Gomez, who took over from him in 2011.

Catholics on both sides of the Atlantic said it would be wrong for the disgraced cardinal to attend the conclave, the secretive gathering of cardinals inside the Sistine Chapel which will choose a new pontiff sometime in mid-March.

But Cardinal Mahony posted a message on his Twitter account saying he would defy his critics and turn up for the conclave.

“Countdown to the Papal conclave has begun. Your prayers needed that we elect the best Pope for today and tomorrow’s Church,” he wrote.

Apparently the official position is that “nothing can be done” …

Cardinal Mahony has the right and duty to take part,” Velasio De Paolis, who is also a canon law expert, told La Repubblica newspaper. “This is a troubling situation but the rules must be followed.”

Seriously … nothing can be done!! … it is their club and they don’t get to decide what happens in it, this is quite frankly not a credible claim.

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