Catholic Church strips a major hospital of its affiliation

This story takes the biscuit and exposes the Catholic Belief system as truly evil … am I ranting? OK, you be the judge then.

The news is that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix has made the decision yesterday (21 Dec) to strip St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, which is a major hospital, of its affiliation with the church, but why would they do this? Well apparently last year (2009) the hospital performed an abortion.

OK, so far it appears to make sense … the Catholic church is opposed to abortion, and since the hospital chose to do one, they have decided to remove their affiliation. However, its not quite as simple as it appears, this is where they were faced with a real moral choice. So what actually went down here?

The church claims …

“In the decision to abort, the equal dignity of mother and her baby were not both upheld, the mother had a disease that needed to be treated. But instead of treating the disease, St. Joseph’s medical staff and ethics committee decided that the healthy, 11-week-old baby should be directly killed.”

When they paint it like this, it sounds as if the hospital staff did something wrong … however, what the Church has claimed is an outright lie … and that in itself illustrates just how utterly corrupt and evil they truly are. So here is what really happened, the truth, and note that this is a concept that appears to be quite alien to the church.

It was a last-minute, life-or-death drama that took place in late 2009. The patient had a rare condition in which a pregnancy will cause the death of the mother. The decision regarding the course of action that was taken was made by a group of people, including the patient and doctors, who decided upon the best most ethical option. This was the choice:

  • Take no action and both mother and baby die
  • Abort the 11 week fetus and save the mothers life

Now, ask yourself this, if it was your wife or friend, would you have left her to die? If you had been the doctor, would you have refused to act? Its an obvious and very easy choice, yet apparently from the viewpoint of the church their judgment is that performing an abortion to save the mothers life was an immoral and evil act. That judgment is actually a condemnation of their truly immoral values, a bizarre belief system that leads them to truly believe that death for the mother and baby is the high moral ground .. and that’s why, by any normal moral standards, they are exposed as being truly evil.

There are now many benefits for the hospital, not only do they loose their affiliation with this bizarre religious cult, but apparently the hospital will not be permitted to celebrate Mass any longer, so all the magic wafers must also be removed from its chapel. Now there is real progress, no longer does the hospital need to be distracted by wafers that have been apparently transformed into the body of a God by a male virgin, they can simply depend upon well proven ethical medical science.

The comment from the hospital on all this is …

The goal was not to end the pregnancy but save the mother’s life, if we are presented with a situation in which a pregnancy threatens a woman’s life, our first priority is to save both patients. If that is not possible, we will always save the life we can save, and that is what we did in this case. Morally, ethically, and legally, we simply cannot stand by and let someone die whose life we might be able to save.

Oh and least you worry, stripping the hospital of its Catholic affiliation will not result in a significant loss of funding, the 697-bed hospital does not receive direct funding from the diocese.

When faced with the claim that adherence to religious belief is the highest moral position … be skeptical … the facts tell quite a different story and expose their moral standards as utterly corrupt.

You can read more about all this here.

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