Cardinal Giacomo Biffi – Clueless Gobshite

Todays Telegraph carries a story by Simon Caldwell about the latest idiotic rant from the Italian Cardinal Giacomo Biffi. In his memoirs that are published today he claims …

Freedom of thought and expression is under threat from the gay rights movement … And the result is that those people who disagreed with the homosexual agenda are being ostracised by society, he said.”

So lets see if I understand this correctly … he truly believes that being gay is the equivalent of being wicked and evil, and when his promotion an anti-gay agenda is challenged he plays the “Persecuted card”. …. that sound you just heard was my jaw hitting the floor. Peter Tatchell sums it all up quite well …

Gay human rights defenders are not persecuting Christians, we are simply asking them to stop persecuting us,

So, am I being unfair in giving him to label “Clueless Gobshite” for this. Well, before you decide, lets take a wider look at his activities. In 2000 he announces that the Antichrist would most likely be a prominent philanthropist promoting the ideas of ecumenism, vegetarianism, and pacifism, and he is well known as not only anti-gay, but is also opposed to freemasonry, and feminism; has denounced journalists as “rats”, and stated that the Church should be “exceedingly rich”. Alas, yes indeed, he truly is a completely clueless religious kook.

One final thought, the preferred means for addressing him is apparently “Your Eminence”, however, given that he truly does fall into the “Gobshite of the week” category, I’m sure you can suggest a far more appropriate alternative … (Hint: comments section is just below)

If curious, the Telegraph article is here.

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