Apparently God has no sense of humor

By now I’m sure you are all aware of what happened at the Golden Globe film and television awards in Los Angeles last week … I don’t know about you, but for me it was highly entertaining … and I’m not talking about the movie clips, or the awards, just the bits in between … all served up in a style that only Ricky Gervais could pull off.

OK Ok … I’ll assume you have just returned from Mars, so here is his opening speech … apparently just before he came on stage, he turned to a friend and said, “Well, they’ve asked for it.” … and remember now, most of the A-List stars he has a go at are sitting right there in front of him …

Now of course, most of this is stuff we already knew … its just fun to watch him speak about the elephant in the room that nobody normally mentions so that we can watch these A-List demigods squirm … and as he himself said afterwards … “What did they expect”.

So did this get him into trouble? Well, he did mysteriously vanish at one point for an hour, and if the rumors are true, it was not the jokes at the expense of the A-Listers that did it, but rather the fun he poked at the organisers … the offended elect in this case being the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

But even then he had not “crossed the line”, that came at the end when he saved what is claimed to be his most offensive remark. It was a comment that motivated many to ring NBC to bend a few ears … and what was it that finally tipped the viewing public over the edge? Well apparently it was this final parting shot …

“Thanks for everyone in the room for being good sports, to NBC and the Hollywood foreign press, thank you for watching at home,” he said. “And thank you, God, for making me an atheist.”

So there you have it then. Roast any A-Lister you like, but if you ever dare to have a go at God, and … well, they have a stake waiting for you outside in the courtyard. NBC execs are quoted as saying afterwards …

“only a Brit would be naive enough . . . no, arrogant and stiff-necked enough, to flip off God in a family-oriented TV show that is going into the American heartland on the sabbath. We did not think we had to tell Ricky that.”

If they had been on the ball, I guess NBC would have beeped it out … but it was live and he was too fast for them … I love it. He knows he will not be back next year, in fact I suspect he started out knowing that, and simply decided to go out in style … as only he can.

Sigh! … some folks simply have no sense of humor at all … and you know that whoever does it next year will be kept on a very very tight leash.

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