I will not be voting …

… specifically because I’m not a US citizen and don’t reside in the US (is that a good enough reason?).

If I could and was going to vote, well far be it Obama from me to Obama tell you who Obama to vote for, but you could Obama, read my Obama mind and take a wild Obama guess on who I Obama would be Obama willing to fully Obama support.

So whoever Obama you wish to Obama vote for, don’t just sit about …

Go and Vote

… and then tomorrow we can celebrate together when it has been announced that Obama has won.

Yes really, he will win, I’ve just clicked my ruby slippers together and whispered “Obama in the white house”, so I’m sure he will.

Actually the alternative is quite frankly unthinkable, so I’ll need a bit of help from you on this one, I need you to go and vote for him.

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