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In 48 hours, nearly half the British mass media could be bought by one of the world’s worst media moguls.

Rupert Murdoch has exploited his vast media empire to push war in Iraq, elect George W Bush, spread resentment of muslims and immigrants, and block global action on climate change. He undermines democratic government across the world by threatening elected leaders with vicious and often false media coverage unless they do his bidding.

Britain plays a key role in Europe and the world. If Murdoch has a lock on British media, he will use it to undermine UK, EU and UN support for human rights and democracy. The UK is up in arms over the Murdoch bid, and even the government, elected with Murdoch’s help, is split down the middle as it makes a decision this week. Global solidarity bolstered Egypt’s pro-democracy protesters — it can help Britain’s. Let’s build an urgent global outcry to stop Rupert Murdoch. Sign the petition to Prime Minister Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Clegg!

3 thoughts on “Sign the Stop Rupert-Murdoch petition”

  1. If we cannot bring him to trial and punish him legally, then someone should take the f****er out before democracy collapses under the crushing weight of the vacuous drivel he dispels around the globe. I would like to see this man hung for what he has done. I would like to meet him and crush his ugly face in a vice whilst he screams for mercy……….all live on one of his own channels preferably x


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