Things are looking bad for Egypt …

There is a Reuters news report out today about the trial taking place in Egypt of dozens of democracy activists including 16 Americans. What hideous crime are they faced with?

accused of espionage and going against the law

Really!! … what did they actually do? It turns out that these are pro-democracy activists who received funding from US based organizations. Thats now apparently a crime in Egypt!! … and perhaps tells you all you need to know about the political direction that Egypt is currently heading in.

What of course is utterly nuts about all this is that currently the US contributes $1.3 Billion to Egypt. Now that they are threating US citizens, I suspect they can kiss that $1.3 billion goodbye.

Generally, after a revolution, history shows it can go one of two ways. It can move in a democratic direction or into autocracy and a new absolutism.

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