Tickets now on sale for #QEDCon in 2015

QED___24th-26th_April_2015___Manchester__UK___Question__Explore__DiscoverOnce again the fabulous QEDCon returns, and tickets are now on sale.

What the heck is QEDCon?

Starting in February 2011 the Merseyside Skeptics Society, in conjunction with the Greater Manchester Skeptics Society, began organising and presenting an annual two-day skeptical science festival, QED: Question. Explore. Discover … and that is what is going to be happening 24th-26th April 2015 in Manchester.

How Much?

QED is organised by skeptics volunteers and any proceeds go back into the event or a charity. On the “Token Skeptic” podcast Michael Marshall said …

How we try to always pitch it and how we try and run it is – it’s all about the skeptical community. Because its being run by people who are just part of that community who are doing this because we really love it, the atmosphere, seems to be, of people coming together. It’s kind of a big party, a celebration of UK skepticism and also international skepticism”

So if you wish to attend, it is a very reasonable price …

  • £99 for the full weekend
  • £69 for full-time students

There is a Gala Dinner not included in the ticket price, but if your budget is tight, then you can skip that and just hang out with the folks who head off to the all you can eat buffet outside (its a reasonable price, I forget how much, but last time it did not break the bank for me).

So do they have interesting speakers?

Of course … they always do. So far they have folks like Matt Dillahunty, Mitch Benn, Bruce Hood, Harriett Hall and many more already lined up and announced with a promise of more as we get closer to the date.

OK, so where exactly is it?

All meetings will be held at the Palace Hotel in Central Manchester, same venue as last year, so expect more fun as people spend several hours traversing the Labyrinth of corridors as they frantically try to find their rooms (dungeons and dragons are an optional extra).

The QED site also has an assortment of accommodation tips here.

Apart for the meetings, what else happens?

People hang out and network in the bar … if you don’t actually drink, that’s fine, just grab a coke and hang out. Don’t stand in the corner, instead be brave, glance at peoples name badges, then boldly wander up to complete random strangers and say, “Hi (whatever name is on their badge), long time no see, and so do tell me what you have been up to”.

Is there a downside to any of this?

Rather sadly I’m afraid there is. The one distinct downside is that you just might potentially get to meet me because I’m planning to be there. Then again, you just might get lucky and miss me because you end up being too busy interacting with lots of truly fascinating people.

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