TAM London 2010 – Favorite quotes

Photo of Randi by Kelly Haddow

Having just arrived back from TAM London 2010, here now is a collection of some snippets to help bring it all back … so with tongue placed firmly in cheek and in no particular order … enjoy.

Martin Robbins

  • “I write for The Guardian, pretty much the only British newspaper not owned by a Bond villain.”
  • “I’ve resorted to Tweeting to try and find out where the green room is, as so far my uber-pass has been defeated by the fact that The Hilton is basically like a labyrinth, but with fewer monsters.”

Cory Doctorow

  • “I choose YouTube over telly.”
  • “If we give John Lennon another 20 years of copyright, how many new records will we get?”

Adam Rutherford

  • The Lord of the Rings is Boring. It’s basically just walking.”
  • I’m suspicious of people in power, double suspicious when they’re nice, and triply suspicious when they have jam on their crotch.”

Jon Ronson

  • “Oh, if I don’t win Skeptic of the Year 2011 my next public rap will be lyrics I’ve written myself about my love of rationality”
  • “Facebook is where you lie to your friends, Twitter is where you’re honest to strangers” – Jon Ronson & Graham Linehan in conversation

Alan Moore

  • “I’ve never seen the Watchmen movie cos I prefer to critique something from a position of absolute ignorance”
  • Josie Long asks Alan Moore, “what do you think of this current government?”, he replies … “Well, as an anarchist…”
  • “we need mythology and symbology, as long as we don’t confuse it for/with reality”
  • “people think there might be something beyond rationality. There is: there’s irrationality.”
  • “If you think the place you live is a shit heap, eventually you’ll think youre a bit of a shit”
  • “It’s only 200 years since they stopped setting fire to us” – Alan Moore commenting on Christians
  • “You, with your rational worldview, and me with whatever I happen to believe this afternoon.”

Marcus Chown

  • You age more slowly on the ground floor of a building than on the top floor.

PZ Myers (Wearing a crocoduck tie)

  • “Very clever people are often very clever at creating rationalisations for insane beliefs.”
  • Questioner to PZ Myers: “may I please approach the stage and fist bump you?”
  • “It’s generous of us to respond to Ray Comfort with ridicule instead of kicking him in the balls.”
  • “Common sense – so rare it’s a god damn superpower”
  • “We are committed to the power of the evidential narrative. This is what we do.”
  • “be the best Richard you can be”
  • “We shouldn’t be gratuitously obnoxious; we should be purposefully obnoxious.”

Graham Lineham

  • “Whenever you see someone react to something they’re reading on their phone, that’s life being lived.”
  • After a Microphone failure, Graham shouts, “turn it off and turn it back on again”
  • “I prefer the word ‘sharing’ to ‘piracy’ “
  • When asked about the existence of the skeptic community – “I didn’t believe it existed. I’m the ultimate skeptic.”
  • “I’m pretty sure that Murdoch loathes the Internet”
  • “The internet used to be like hanging out in a bad area at night, you walk over to a nice lady and get mugged by pop-ups. And then Twitter came along and it just sorted things out very easily. For instance the mad bastard problem is fixed by the block button. And the fear of the block button means that people are very polite.”

Stephen Fry

  • “Tell God to send better people..” – quoting what a friend says when religious people come knocking on the door
  • “We’re not rationalists. We’re empiricists.”

James Randi

  • When asked by Robin Ince: “Have you ever had anything on the JREF Million Dollar challenge where you’ve thought, ‘you know what, actually this might be a little tricky’?”, Randi replies “Nope.”

Others …

  • “extraordinary queues require extraordinary patience” – Anon

Word of the week: Twitchfork (n. Inciting a campaign against someone using Twitter, particularly vicious one.)

Finally, if you enjoyed the above trip down memory lane, then you might like to also check out Martins blog on the Guardian by clicking here … I’m sure there will be folks out there (including myself) who will be blogging lots more details later, so consider the above just a taste of things to come.

UPDATE: A few more tweet sound bites picked up from the post TAM Party crowd

  • “Best part of #tamlondon was the awesome people I drunkenly ranted at in the after party” – teobesta
  • “Craziest happening of #tamlondon :fundie in my hostel with her fingers in her ears going LALALALA and saying the devil had gotten to me.” – Marit Simonsen
  • “when the bar closed only the scandinavians and austrians were left standing” – Kristin C
  • “According to DJ Grothe, skepticism is for life, not just for (questioning the story of) Christmas” – Aisling O’Leary
  • “I’m so tired I could accept Jesus into my heart.” – Iszi lawrence

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  2. Awesome list of quotes that is sure to have me in a nostagic mood for a long time!

    I should point out that the quote by me above is something I retweeted, but someone RT-ed me so that it looked like I made it. Such is the twitter I guess. :) Original quote by @isallmaroon here: http://twitter.com/isallmaroon/status/27691539259

    As a Scandinavian I can also confirm the content of that particular tweet.


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