TAM-8 Reviews Galore

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The ‘net has been abuzz with reviews and comments about The Amaz!ng Meeting 8. Here’s a round up of some interesting ones we’ve run across. This is by no means an exaustive list, but there’s something of interest for everyone here.

Geo-Geek Rachael gives a nice, one-page summary of TAM 8 on her blog, 4.5 Billion Years of Wonder.

Hemant Mehta live-blogged all of TAM. If you’d like to experience TAM as though you were there, or relive the event through the words of Hemant, I recommend you check out his efforts on The Friendly Atheist.

Dylan Keeburg of Woo Fighters gives an indepth daily review of TAM starting with some of the Thursday workshops.

Skeptreview’s Karl also gave an indepth daily report, but with the added benefit of being Michael Goudeau‘s shadow. If you’re a fan of Penn Jillette or Michael Goudeau, you’ll want to read this one.

Daniel Loxton of Skeptic Blog expanded on some of the ideas presented at TAM with his thoughtful piece on The Reasonableness of Weird Things.

CSI’s Joe Nickell discusses TAM 8, and also his “out of body” experience meeting Lance Burton for the first time.

Also writing for CSI, Karen Stollznow, points out the lasting effect of Amaz!ng Meetings, and how each of us carried home a little piece of the event to share with others. [Dave G: If you look carefully in the 1st pic in this one, you can see me standing with Caleb and chatting with Brian Dunning]

The JREF thanks all these reviewers for taking the time to share their thoughts. For more reviews and comments, you can check out the Twitter hash tag #TAM8.

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