#QEDCon and also Sketicamp coming up this weekend folks

QED___Question__Explore__Discover___12th_-_13th_April_2014___Palace_Hotel__ManchesterQED is a two-day science and skepticism convention taking place at the Palace Hotel in Manchester on Sat 12th and Sun 13th April 2014 –

  • If you have a ticket, then that’s fabulous, I’ll see you there.
  • If you don’t have a ticket, then I have a bit of bad news, all the tickets are gone already.

Oh but wait, all is not lost.


Well because you can still come along to The Pod Delusion’s Skepticamp on Friday 11th April at the Palace Hotel in Manchester. There are two very important things to know

  1. It’s Free
  2. You don’t need a QED ticket to come to the Skepticamp on the friday

Now comes a shameless bit of cut-and-paste from the web page (here)

What is Skepticamp?

A Skepticamp is a mini conference, with its agenda decided by the audience. You can put yourself forward to do a talk ahead of time, then you’ll be allocated a slot and you get 15 minutes to talk about a topic of your choice – with five minutes following for questions.

At our last Skepticamp in London, we covered topics as varied as technological solutions to climate change, data in political campaigns, evidence based interface design, what it’s like being a skeptical nurse in the NHS and much more.

So sign up – either as a speaker or simply a member of audience, and come and have an additional day of talks!

When and where exactly is Skepticamp?

Skepticamp takes place on Friday 11th April at the QEDcon Hotel (The Palace Hotel in Manchester), starting at 11am – so you’ll still have time to travel to Manchester in the morning. And it’ll finish long before the official Friday night “mixer” event begins. We’ll announce the further details once we have a line-up arranged.

Do I need to have a QED ticket to attend?

Nope – the event is open to anyone who can make it to the venue. Though we recommend booking a ticket to QED if you can, as it is going to be amazing weekend.

How exactly will the line-up be decided?

We’ll be looking at the talks people have volunteered to give, and we’ll put them into some sort of order. There will be a minimal vetting processing – essentially to make sure no one will turn up and explain why they think that racism is awesome. If we end up with too many talks for the time we have allocated, we’ll make some painful decisions and let you know ahead of time.

So if you are within reach of the centre of Manchester on Friday … yes, the day after tomorrow … then why not pop along to

The Palace Hotel at 11am Fri 11th April


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