#QEDcon – Day 1 in pictures

Just pictures, feel free to help yourself.

General Pics

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Stevyn Colgan – The skeptical Bobby

Stevyn is a former member of the Met Police Problem Solving Unit, which developed creative and innovative approaches issues that did not respond to traditional policing methods. He is an expert on problem-oriented policing has lectured extensively throughout the UK and US. Stevyn is also an artist, writer and contributor to the popular TV series QI.



Helen Czerski – A world of science toys

Helen is a physicist and oceanographer. She regularly gives talks around the country as well as working on several projects for television and radio, most recently appearing on Dara Ó Briain’s Science Club. She has also appeared in several documentaries for the BBC including Orbit: Earth’s Extraordinary JourneyOperation Icebergand The Transit of Venus part of the Horizon strand.

She is currently working on her own series on bubbles to be broadcast on BBC4 in 2013. Helen is also Honorary President of Winchester Skeptics.


Brooke Magnanti – The Sex Myth: Why everything we’re told is wrong

Brooke is a scientist and author, whose book The Sex Myth examines sociological research in the effects of adult entertainment and sex work. Perhaps best known for her alternate persona Belle De Jour, Brooke is a popular public speaker on the themes of biometric and forensic science, sexualisation and popular culture, and internet anonymity and identity.




and then …

Rose Shapiro Author of Suckers: How Alternative Medicine Makes Fools of Us All. Interviewed by Brian Thompson.

Rose Shapiro is a writer and journalist, whose became interested in alternative medicine while working as a health writer for women’s magazines. Her interest led to the book Suckers: How Alternative Medicine Makes Fools Of Us All, which details the harm done by a wide range alternative medicine practitioners and the dangers posed by pseudomedicine.


Is Science the New Religion? Discussion/debate. Featuring Robin Ince, Jeff Forshaw, Brendan O’Neill and Helen Czerski. Moderated by Geoff Whelan.

As a side note, this turned out to be a very heated debate … with Brendan O’Neill and Robin Ince calling each other fucking idiots … I’m with Robin, Brendan was indeed being a fucking idiot.

“I don’t understand how using evidence is somehow an oppression of the common man.” Robin Ince at #qedcon

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Rachael Dunlop

Grassroots Skepticism: A Case Study of the Anti-Vaccination Movement in Australia

Rachael is a full time researcher in heart disease and a Vice President of the Australian Skeptics. Working alongside past QED speaker Richard Saunders as part of the Mystery Investigators, Rachael has brought critical thinking to classrooms across Australia. With a primary interest in pseudomedicine and quackery, Rachael has regularly spoken out in the media against the anti-vaccination movement in Australia.


Richard Dawkins

Interviewed by Robin Ince

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Saturday Night at QED

Including the Skeptic Magazine Ockham Awards. Followed by Chris Coltrane, Michael Legge and Mitch Benn.

Richard Wiseman ‏@RichardWiseman – On my way to #QEDcon to present some awards. I have decided to speed up presentation by giving them all to myself.
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