QED is almost upon us … is anybody reading this planning to go?

The 2nd QED conference will shortly open its doors in Manchester this coming weekend.

QED … what is that?

Question, Explore, Discover  is a two-day science and skepticism conference taking place in the Piccadilly Hotel, Manchester on the 10th-11th March 2012. (Yes … this coming saturday)

OK, so who will be speaking?

Fantastic speakers from the worlds of science and entertainment will be joining us for a weekend celebration of science, reason and critical thinking. This includes …

  • DJ Grothe
  • Richard Wiseman
  • Joe Nickell
  • Richard Saunders
  • Ophelia Benson
  • Edzard Ernst
  • David Aaronovitch
  • Maryam Namazie
  • Steve Jones
  • Alun Cochrane
  • Robin Ince

And many more (click here to see the full lineup).

Yikes that is just a few days away, how much does it cost and where do I get tickets?

  • It will cost £89 for the weekend (or £68 for students)
  • Click here to get a ticket

You better hurry, they are very close to selling out. They will be calling last orders on tickets at 10:23am on Thursday 8th March 2012 (anybody notice the time there?)

What else?

You can read all the latest here as they build up to this weekend …


I do wonder if that Dalek will turn up again. Last year they had a life-size replica of a Dalek at the back of the room, if you are thinking “???”, well it turns out that one of the organizers is a bit of a Dr Who fan and previosuly ran Dr Who conventions.

Anyway, this is where you not only get to come and listen, but you also get to hang out with lots of really interesting skeptics (and me, but don’t let that put you off). The proceedings (informally) start in the hotel bar this coming friday at 8pm where folks will just turn up and hang out.

Are you planning to be there? … If so, drop a comment and I’ll keep an eye out for you.

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