Phil Plait’s Bad Universe – Premieres Tonight

Tonight’s the night … Phil’s big day day has finally arrived, so go crank up your DVR’s and get ready for a Vulcan mind-meld of scientific skepticism.

OK, for those who have no idea what I’m on about, here is some info …

What’s happening?

Phil Plate has a new TV show called “Phil Plait’s Bad Universe”. It premieres this Sunday night (TODAY) August 29, at 10:00 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.

Who Is Phil Plate?

Phil Plait, the creator of Bad Astronomy, is an astronomer, lecturer, and author. After ten years working on Hubble Space Telescope and six more working on astronomy education, he struck out on his own as a writer. He has written two books, dozens of magazine articles, and 12 bazillion blog articles. He is a skeptic, and loves fighting misuses of science as well as praising the wonder of real science.

You can find his blog Bad Astronomy here.

So whats the show all about?

This first episode is about saving the world from asteroid impacts. In most science TV shows on this topic they’re heavy on the death and destruction, but pretty light on what we can actually do about them. But if you’ve read my book Death from the Skies! you know I’m all about getting off our collective butts and doing something. So in “Bad Universe” we go step-by-step, looking into what can be done to keep an impact from ruining our whole day.


Finally, here is a quick peek of what is coming …

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  1. Why the universe exccelerates instead slowing down?
    Very simpel, .relative.
    The universe is not old. Its 14 bill. years young!! The big bang is still going on.!!
    Like a balloon that expl. (planck time)

    Gr. Kees Corte
    de Griffioen 45
    7609SL Almelo
    [email protected]


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