Ricky Gervais says atheism shouldn’t offend

Ricky Gervais was interviewed by Piers Morgan on CNN.

They chatted about much, including his Atheism of course (rather hard to avoid that one).

  • Here he explains that he is not offended when religious folks thank God, so why should religious folks be offended when he thanks God for making him an Atheist
  • He also talks about his background and why he became an Atheist
  • Piers also challenges him and ask him about what happens when you die

Here is a clip for you …. enjoy .

This video then rolls forward to the next where they proceed to chat about his now infamous remarks during the awards. I must admist, while those on the receiving end of his jokes might not have seen the humor, everybody else did … I thought it was hilarious and made it worth watching for a change.

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