Richard Dawkins is being sued for libel …

The UK’s famous skeptical legal blogger, Jack of Kent, reports here

Richard Dawkins (“Clinton Richard Dawkins (commonly known as Richard Dawkins)”), the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason, Amazon UK, and Vaughan John Jones are being sued for libel by businessman Christopher McGrath and his company McG Production Limited.

There is a strike out application scheduled for 10 November 2011.

More details to follow.

So no details yet … but fear not, here is some juicy insight into businessman Christopher McGrath and his company McG Production Limited. It dates from last July and is about Vaughan Jones, an atheist blogger with a Twitter account being sued by Christopher McGrath for libel, so it is indeed related to the above … in there we find gems such as …

… if we take McGrath’s claim that the book is a satire at face value, then he set out to deliberately create a Poe, pulled it off with a degree of success and is now suing Vaughan for defamation based on the fact that he was taken in by it.

… If you were to believe even half the puffery in this one troll post then you’d think that McGrath was well on his way to becoming the next Richard Branson or Alan Sugar. In fact, records at Companies House show that although McGrath is diligent in filing his paperwork on time – the compnay name is MCG Productions Limited – it has never once in seven years of trading, succeeded in generating sufficient revenue to require him to file a full set of accounts. …

I’ll leave you with his profile on Linked In and let you decide for yourself just exactly how much of it you think is kosher and how much is self-fellating bullshit.

In essence, Mr McGrath is truly full of it, oh and should Mr McGrath be interested, here are some Disclaimers (that come with a hat tip to Ministry of Truth) …


  1. Skeptical Science is hosted in the United States, so don’t bother trying to send take down notices to my webhost as s230 of the Communications Decency Act applies to the contents of this site.

  2. Any libel claims/correspondence relating to this post will be referred to the response given to the plaintiff in Arkell vs Pressdram and any communications to that end will be published online for everyone to see.

  3. Do look up the ‘Barbara Streisand effect’ before trying anything stupid.


  • Ohhhh … I just found a Nastygram from Mr McGrath to the Ministry of Truth that reveals him to be a complete prat.
  • Also here is a link to Vaughan Jones’s blog all about the libel case, and his twitter account here

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