Richard Dawkins to be new Archbishop of Canterbury

Yep, the news is out … it has been confirmed here …

The general synod of the Church of England is expected to approve Richard Dawkins as the new head of the Church of England. A spokesman explained; ‘Whereas most of the candidates prevaricated over the question of the existence of God, Richard was quite clear. His knowledge of the Bible is second to none and he isn’t a woman, so he seems ideal.

Lambeth Palace has so far denied that Archbishop Rowan Williams sudden and unexpected retirement was because he wished to enter a gay civil partnership with Cardinal Keith O’Brien.

Hat tip to for the story, and also multiple bonus points for them having a good sense of humour.

The real challenge here is that Richard’s eyebrows will not only need extensions, but he will also need to practise meaningless waffle, which unfortunately I suspect he is incapable of. I also wonder if he will get a bonus to cover the cost of fancy hats.

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