QED is coming up soon … it is 13-14 April in Manchester

They have a great line-up of speakers at QED this year

Helen Czerski

Helen is a physicist and oceanographer. She regularly gives talks around the country as well as working on several projects for television and radio, most recently appearing on Dara Ó Briain’s Science Club. She has also appeared in several documentaries for the BBC including Orbit: Earth’s Extraordinary JourneyOperation Icebergand The Transit of Venus part of the Horizon strand.

She is currently working on her own series on bubbles to be broadcast on BBC4 in 2013. Helen is also Honorary President of Winchester Skeptics.

Richard Dawkins

Richard is a household name in science, with best-selling books likeThe Greatest Show on Earth and The Selfish Gene firmly establishing him as one of the most recognisable evolutionary biologists and science writers in the world.  Never afraid to be seen as outspoken or controversial, Richard has made it his mission to teach evolution to the masses and root out religious dogma or magical thinking.

Ben Goldacre

Ben is a best-selling author, broadcaster, medical doctor and academic who specialises in unpicking dodgy scientific claims from drug companies, newspapers, government reports, PR people and quacks. Ben’s Bad Science book and associated newspaper columns quickly became essential reading for the skeptical and scientific minded, and his new book Bad Pharma threatens to do for the pharmaceutical industry’s dubious methods and questionable ethics what his previous work did for quackery.

Lawrence Krauss

Recently described by Daniel Dennett as deserving to be included in the original Four Horsemen grouping, Lawrence Krauss is a theoretical physicist and Foundation Professor of the School of Earth and Space Exploration. He is also director of the Origins Project at Arizona State University, a leading centre for research and outreach on origins issues, from the beginnings of the universe, to human origins, to the origins of consciousness and culture.

He is the author of several bestselling books, including The Physics of Star Trek and A Universe from Nothing.

Simon Singh

Simon Singh is a science writer and TV producer who has specialised in writing about complex scientific topics in an accessible manner, with work including Big Bang and Trick or Treatment? Alternative Medicine on Trial. It was while promoting the latter that Simon found himself on the wrong end of a libel suit from the British Chiropractic Association. (He won.)

… and many more, I’m really looking forward to it.

Hey, if you are going to be there, don’t forget to say “Hi”.

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