PZ on TV – Talks about Science and Atheism being natural allies

PZ Myers, a biologist and associate professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris, and also the author of the most famous science blog on the planet, Pharyngula … mentioned on his blog that he is going to be TV in Ontario today.

He gave a talk at the AAI (Atheist Alliance International) meeting in Montreal last October, and it was taped. TVOntario’s “Big Ideas” show will air it today (Sunday, January 30, 2011) at 5:30 pm, so if you are local, you will want to check this out … no seriously, you really will.

OK, so most folks reading this neither live in Ontario, nor have any immediate plans to rush there … so why am I telling you? … well basically because being in Ontario is not the only way of watching this … hint 1- it was taped … hint 2 -You Tube … and so for the rest of us … here it is …

Oh, and by the way … this Video comes with a warning … PZ Myers is one of those Gnu Atheists and so, if you are a believer then you might find what he says to be offensive. But then as Ricky Gervais observed, “Just because you’re offended doesn’t mean you are right.

Hat tip to Larry Moran (a Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto) for this link via his Sandwalk blog here.

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