2 Free Student Tickets for #QEDcon

QED___24th-26th_April_2015___Manchester__UK___Question__Explore__DiscoverQEDcon is happening this coming weekend, and I have two free tickets for any students that want to attend.

So here is the deal, I’m bringing a bunch of folks and two of them have had to back out at the last moment due to exam commitments. We can’t return the tickets, it’s too late, so the only option left is to give them away (you basically get a badge with somebody else’s name on it).

If you personally are a student and like the idea of hanging out with a great crowd of folks including Ryan Bell, Mitch Benn, Andrew Copson, Matt Dillahunty, AC Grayling, the Godless Spellchecker, Aron Ra, and many more great folks, then please drop me a note or message me.

First two get the tickets – only constraint is that they are student rate tickets, so you also need to be a student.

Oh and I almost forgot .. the venue is in the centre of Manchester in the UK and it all starts on Friday

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