#QEDcon – favorite tweets

Below are some of my favorite #QEDcon tweets. I collected them at random points during the past two days, then distilled down to what you see here. What you find below are those that I thought were cool, or simply made me laugh. I’ve not scanned all tweets, so please, if I missed anything cool, or funny, please do drop it into the comments below and I’ll add an update to the list.

So here they are … enjoy …

These were collected during Day 1

acallister acallister – Excessive rain + room full of nerds = wet dog smell. Mmm… my hangover will love this. #qedcon

lordmauve Daniel Pope – Dear acetaldehyde, Kindly vacate my bloodstream. Love and kisses, Dan #qedcon

Lee_Symes Lee Symes – Sitting beside a Dalek hopping it is #qedcon remember “don’t retreat – reload”!

MaryRPerkins Mary Perkins – Someone’s brought their pet #Dalek to #QEDcon, excellent! It’s not one made by @doctorstewie. Is it a skeptical Dalek?

xorandorx xorandorx by christheneck Arse! The joy of left hand love. #qedcon

DonnaMPage Donna Page @profbrucehood now playing with grenades. #qedcon

psweetman Pauline Sweetman – Anthropomorphism, essentialism, dead hand of Plato – this is educational stuff. Ooh, now onto Barbarella #QEDcon

shiroboshi Marc – Just watched a video of Bruce Hood blowing up a Teddy Bear

HomoepathicDana HomoepathicDana – Good to see that the #qedcon coffee is of high homeopathic potency. The memory of coffee tastes like skeptic tears. #noms #ten23

noodlemaz Marianne – Eugenie Scott likes the saying “science is organised common sense” #QEDcon

stevepagehull Steve Page by DonnaMPage Kat Akingbade: “can’t remember who Michael Shermer is, but I know he’s important” #qedcon #fail

ofquack Quackery Watchdog – Skeptic Alert! #QEDcon Eugenie Scott:: “When communicating with someone, don’t start by kicking them in the shins.” Unless selling shinpads.

TredinnickMP D Tredinnick’s Brain – This lady seems to be equating creationists with homeopaths! #qedcon

MaryRPerkins Mary Perkins – RT @Jin_Shei: Is it important to not be a dick? #qedcon – good question @janisbennion

rbhinkley Rob Hinkley – Am wondering whether there’ll be a presentation on the search for a cure for Simon Singh’s hair. #qedcon

LudditeWebDev Chris Nicholson – I’m drinking homeopathic vodka tonight. It’ll be relaxing. And it’ll help with having sex near a river. It’s fucking close to water. #qedcon

amazingpeople Denise Taylor – Chris French on his tv shows. We didn’t fake anything. That’s why nothing happened. Why no series 3 #QedCon

amazingpeople Denise Taylor – Chris French – professor of the psychology of weird shit. #QedCon

helenyvonne Helen Playford – Insight into Haunted Houses tv show with Chris French… stuck him out in trailer cos nothing happened with him around! #qedcon

psweetman Pauline Sweetman – Good question – what is normal? If belief in paranormal is ‘normal’, that makes the skeptics the weird ones <nervous laughter> #QEDCon

MrMMarsh Michael Marshall by MaryRPerkins Spoke to Steve Novella, watching @hayleystevens & @ripodcast on stage. “they know their stuff, they’ve really been around” he said! #QEDcon

lordmauve Daniel Pope by chunkylimey I once saw a documentary where these paranormal investigators encountered a gigantic marshmallow ghost. Explain that! #qedcon

stevepagehull Steve Page – @Jin_Shei Letting people rely on paranormal belief isn’t like physical crutches, it’s more like advocating the use of homeopathy. #qedcon

Akheloios Akheloios by janisbennion Technical problems in the breakoutroom, must resist nerd urge to take over #QEDcon worried about fighting the other nerds off

2DoisToby Just some guy… – , w #qedcon (Homepathic tweet)

Mowian Andrew Morris – Attempting confirmation of various issues regarding Jesus, feeling very irascible. In summary: trying to nail down Jesus, too cross. #QEDcon

AndrewJ0hnst0n Andrew Johnston – The amount reading you do is directly proportional to how often you get laid. Scientific FACT! Book store at #qedcon

sermoa aimee – If Boots are a bit savvy they’ll be doing a 3 for 2 on #homeopathy this weekend, especially for the skeptics. #ten23 #qedcon

Mowian Andrew Morris – GPS on my camera says I’m at the Moslem Sports Association. As a sports hating atheist, that’s unlikely. But the camera doesn’t lie! #QEDcon

Jin_Shei Jin Shei – Steve novella singing in breakout room at #qedcon

rbhinkley Rob Hinkley – Went to the loo earlier; both Jon Ronson and Steve Novella were at the urinals! My most exciting wee ever. #qedcon

helenyvonne Helen Playford – I don’t know which room to be in next! Help! #qedcon

dts1970 Danny Strickland – what an amazing talk by @jimalkhalili at #QEDcon time travel through worm holes! head hurts a bit, but in a good way :)

psweetman Pauline Sweetman – Is there an equivalent and opposite law to #Godwinslaw that involves #Sagan? Any talk can be improved by the inclusion of Sagan #QEDcon

HomoepathicDana HomoepathicDana – Leading Skeptics advocating matricide!1!! #qedcon #ten23

gazzalfc09 Gareth Perriam – #qedcon got all really red dwarf on us all. Kryten’s head just exploded. Spare head on standby

Akheloios Akheloios – I feel proud, Manchester students have been paying their way through Uni by selling fake stories to tabloids #QEDcon

_ElizabethD Elizabeth Donnelly – The bigger the lie you tell the more money you’ll get from the papers @chrisatkins #QEDcon

shiroboshi Marc – “Media today is a monetized celebrity delivery device…” Chris Atkins at #qedcon

acallister acallister by eusahues Don’t kill your grandfather, kill your mother! It’s cleaner! – @jimalkhalili #QEDcon

shell_here Shell – Chris Atkins: media isn’t to inform us but rather seems “a celebrity delivery service” Agreed. Lots about £s, lies & criminality… #QEDCon

christheneck Chris Richardson – Watching various news editors lying on screen to Parliament. Valiantly managing not to shout very rude words. #qedcon

Akheloios Akheloios – Why do people give Carter-*uck money? Deadline to contact them to stop an expose was 90 mins after the film shown to 200 journos #QEDcon

acallister acallister – Monty the wonderfox(dog)! #QEDcon

chunkylimey Chunkylimey – Urban Fox Hunting spoof on idiots @BBCNews & #dailyfail etc StarSuckers must see. #qedcon

Akheloios Akheloios – Urban Fox hunting with no foxes the next big sport? #QEDcon

auntyfuzz Aunty Fuzz – Chris Atkins talk was uber-awesome, have tears rolling down my cheeks after fox hunting video. #QEDCon

CloudGapSpotter Hugo Ricketts – What’s with the ozone generator in the Gents? Any ideas?

Clairepie Claire E Smith – It’s highly probable that I’m at #QEDcon. Various forms of evidence point towards me being here!

stevepagehull Steve Page – Chris French’s #qedcon talk is very good so far. Like Richard Wiseman without magic but with hair.

Akheloios Akheloios – Bloody scenes in #breakoutroom as hordes of angry nerds fight over recharging sockets #QEDcon

sitpportsmouth SitP Portsmouth by BadTinnitus Waiting for the gorilla to walk on stage while Chris French is talking. I’m not going to mis it! #QEDCON

shiroboshi Marc – “Ghostly air-fresheners” in Chris French’s #qedcon talk!

shiroboshi Marc – Steve Novella: “…the brain sucks!” #qedcon #quotemining

shiroboshi Marc by Yogzotot Steve Novella: “…cheesecake doesn’t have that many calories.” #qedcon #quotemining

HomoepathicDana HomoepathicDana – Reiki masters will be glad to know that the #qedcon hall is covered in crystals. That should sort these skeptics out! #ten23

miltonline Milton Mermikides – I can still see the horses. #QEDcon

Arakwai Arakwai, Glaws – George Hrab has cool socks! :-) #QEDcon

OccamsBarbers Occam’s Barbershop – OK, one last time. These are small… but the ones out there are far away. Small… far away… ah forget it! #QEDcon

david_gamble david gamble – Altered States due to sleep deprivation (well that will bugger most of us here at #QEDcon

standupmaths Matt Parker – Steven Novella is covering the effects of sleep deprivation during his #QEDcon talk. The audience are kindly acting as a live demonstration.

chunkylimey Chunkylimey – “we all have conspiracy theorists in our heads” surely that is a theory about conspiracy theorists? #qedcon

Zyaama Michael Valkenberg – Steve Novella: “Critical thinking is turning control over to your frontal lobes” #QEDcon

psweetman Pauline Sweetman – Final slide: Optimism:Science works, skepticism can mitigate frailties of thinking, knowledge of stats trumps probability heuristics #QEDcon

tomkilworth Tom Kilworth – Okay, ‘metacognition’ is my new favourite word @stevennovella #QEDcon

shiroboshi Marc – Steve Novella: “we all have OCD” #qedcon #quotemining

GazgoUK Gary Thomson – Listening to Steven novella, I’m now not sure if I’m actually here #QEDcon

OccamsBarbers Occam’s Barbershop – There had better be Cheesecake at the #QEDcon Gala Dinner.

chunkylimey Chunkylimey – So is disciplining your animal nature spanking your monkey brain? #qedcon

Tasutari Jutta – Steve Novella #QEDcon: “Sometimes I want to wring my daughter’s neck – but I don’t do it because I have a frontal lobe.”

tulpesh Tulpesh Patel – Steve Novella’s #QEDCon talk was great! Or have I remembered it wrongly because I love him and my brain just wouldn’t have it any other way?

jamescummings James Cummings – @poddelusion started the guerilla poddelusion recording by saying it was Saturday the 4th. Ermm I’m a bit skeptical. Time travel? #qedcon

These were collected during Day-2

chard39 Richard Cooper – Wish i’d drunk homeopathic beer last night at #qedcon. But I suspect not as much as some.

Harrison_Peter Peter Harrison – @profbrucehood is a FANTASTIC drunk. Drunkest person I’ve seen in a while, yet still more charming & intelligent than most sober ppl #QEDcon

shiroboshi Marc – Can anybody do a scientific paper on why it is so hard to get up on the 2nd morning of a conference? #qedcon

Akheloios Akheloios – Merseyside Sceptics are worldwide global conspiracy, we need to follow the money trail. Illuminati involvement suspected #QEDcon

ofquack Quackery Watchdog – Obvious Alert! Apparently, according to these sciencey types, Antarctica is cool. Who’d have thought? #QEDcon

ofquack Quackery Watchdog – Overdose Alert! OoHHH ohh Here we go. Homeopthy I cansee THROU the crAcks in THE UNIVERSE. AHhhh. Ooo. Oh, no. It’s just Manchester. #QEDcon

N_A_B Nick Barnes – Well, that’s it, 320 people overdosed on 31C Bella Donna. Not a single death! #qedcon

eusahues Euan Galloway @ @Jin_Shei #QEDcon – 300 people crunching doesn’t help my head that’s for sure.

Simon_Perry Simon Perry by whatsessydid Problems with #qedcon #ten23 overdose. After taking pills, large percentage of skeptics showing symptoms similar to fatigue & hangover.

_ElizabethD Elizabeth Donnelly – Behind every overnight sensation lies 25 years of hard work #wendygrossman #QEDcon

ofquack Quackery Watchdog – Linguistic Alert! @GeorgeHrab QED: Quackery Eroding Dentistry (crunch crunch crunch) #QEDcon

poddelusion The Pod Delusion – Video of the #ten23 overdose at #QEDCon now online: http://is.gd/baTaxQ

Cthulhoo Daniela Rudloff – I wish homeopathy worked. Then after getting sleep only in homeopathic amounts I would be EXTRA awake and rested. #QEDcon

psweetman Pauline Sweetman – RT @kevfrost: Starsuckers [DVD] [2009] DVD ~ Chris Atkins http://amzn.to/eBOVvh #QEDcon

Akheloios Akheloios – Rumours that Sceptics in the pub recording session was re-scheduled because of said sceptics being in the pub last night unfounded #QEDcon

Dalradian Dalradian – simon singh suggests geologists make bad husbands, at least until they fall off cliffs on fieldtrips. #qedcon

noodlemaz Marianne – God dammit signs out. Oh and BLOGpimp! #QEDcon day 2: http://bit.ly/fzixhC and day 1: http://bit.ly/i62vuU #ten23 #homeopathy

Alex_Davenport Alexander Davenport – Turns out Skeptics arnt skeptical about Global warming #QEDcon

psweetman Pauline Sweetman – Katie Melua’s song ‘9 million bicycles’ is now being picked apart, lol. He rewrote first verse & KM re-recorded her song <applause> #QEDcon

Simon_Perry Simon Perry – Ooooooo, there seems to be an evangelical religious conference downstairs. #qedcon

_ElizabethD Elizabeth Donnelly – Following #ten23 homeopathic belladonna overdose I’m still not dead. Who knew? Oh yes – the #skeptics! #QEDcon

chunkylimey Chunkylimey – Having met a psychic goat I feel that @jonronson is being rather dismissive. #qedcon #psychopathtest #thepowerofanecdote #onscreenbaby!

rbhinkley Rob Hinkley – #qedcon @JonRonson has nightmares in which Steven Novella & @RebeccaWatson chase him down the road.

rebeccawatson Rebecca Watson – No, that actually happened RT @rbhinkley: #qedcon @JonRonson has nightmares in which Steven Novella & @RebeccaWatson chase him down the road

dts1970 Danny Strickland – about to have an insight into psycopath spotting and the power that gives you #QEDcon can’t say any more its a secret

Arakwai Arakwai, Glaws – Yeh come on geeks. ‘f**ing magnets, how do they work?! *headdesk #QEDCon And giraffes ARE miracles, specially if they go to the moon!

pzmyers PZ Myers – HELLOOO! RT @helenyvonne: @pzmyers Would be great if you could say a twitter hello to the 300 skeptics at #qedcon in Manchester, UK! waves

sitpportsmouth SitP Portsmouth – @simon_perry RT Just heard someone suggest “skeptics in the strip club”. What an idea! #QEDcon

Blencoco Amy Blencowe – The secret to juggling tricks: create ball anti-ball pairs. Easy! #QEDCon

_ElizabethD Elizabeth Donnelly – The Morphology of Steve @EugenieScott #awesome #QEDcon

tulpesh Tulpesh Patel – Eugenie Scott: it’s not th numbers of people on either side, it’s th quality and amount of evidence #atheism #creationism #QEDCon

wendyg Wendy M. Grossman – Eugenie Scott’s morphology of Steves paper for Annals of Improbable Research (PDF): http://is.gd/5qtjBb #qedcon

Yogzotot Sven Rudloff – He’s Wolverine RT @dts1970: wow, ken ham has a bloody scary looking beard #QEDcon

jonronson jonronson – Enjoyed testing Psychopath stuff on the #QEDcon crowd. Turns out George Hrab is one (nice suit, need for stimulation, grandiose self worth).

gwendes Giles Wendes – Still waiting for @helen_keen to accept my marriage proposal

And thats all for now, hope you enjoyed all that.

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  1. I’m @gwendes and @sitpportsmouth

    Yay! Helen Keen responded and hasn’t completely rejected the idea of getting married :) Time to turn on the geeky charm! #SkepticWedding #NERDWIN


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