Spread template 2013If you don’t live in the UK then this might be a tad confusing for you, so a quick summary for those folks. It has been widely reported in the UK media that various popular supermarkets have been selling burgers made of, not beef as you might expect, but about one third horse meat.

So how have folks reacted? Well the twitter hash tag #horseburger has gone viral with heaps of deliciously funny puns, all part of the UK stable diet, so who can say neigh to such humour when faced with such stuff.

First up, many might indeed be wondering who is manning the Tesco PR department, they tweeted this last night …
Screenshot from 2013-01-18 07:20:02
What the frack were they thinking? Anyway, here are a few more items I’ve seen … enjoy … (the tweets I mean, not the burgers) …


And how about this … somebody went into Tesco’s dressed as a horse and stood by the burger cabinet shouting “Murderers, I’m fucking dying here

The fact is that while it might indeed all be a PR disaster for the supermarkets, horse meat is a lot leaner than beef, so it turns out that some have been on a healthier diet … without actually knowing it.

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