Your have heard of “Twitter” … well now we have “Shitter”

If you have ever been tempted to think that Twitter is a crap idea, well it appears that others might agree … quite literally. A couple of folks have set up a site that offers toilet paper custom-printed with the Twitter feed of your choice. Oh that is so tempting, think of all those famous folks tweeting pure crap in the belief that you might care about their every move.

Yes indeed, the aptly named Shitter service takes a stream of Tweets from any Twitter account and prints them in bog roll form.

Should I now tweet about this?

Since these … er … “Tweet sheets” can be based on any Twitter feed then you could even opt for Shitter’s own – or perhaps opt for your very own pearls of boredom as a rather unique gift to a mate.

Be warned, it is not cheap and will cost you $35 (£22) for a pack of four (gulp!), so every time you spend a penny, it would cost you far more that a penny or two. I do of course now wonder how many they will sell.

So if you’re getting fed up with the endless barrage of Tweets and have considered wiping your account, well you can now deploy a rather unique means of ceremonially wiping and then flushing it all away.

Then again … I do ponder the thought that the service might be mysteriously withdrawn next sunday … the day after Saturday 1st April … I guess that is the skeptic side of me rising up there.

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