Olympic Hacking Challenge

The Olympics never ceases to amaze me with what is an is not an official olympic sport. For example, though not contested in the Olympic Games, the following are all sports that are recognized by the IOC:

  • Lifesaving (as a sport!!!)
  • Tug of War
  • Orienteering (is map reading really a sport? … the IOC think so)
  • Air sports (think ballooning and model airplanes)
  • Chess (an Olympic sport that requires almost no muscle movement at all)

And for the latest news, we now have (unofficially) … hacking.

Gerry Pennell, the CIO at the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games has claimed the event’s results site will be “very hard” to hack, with DDoS attacks unlikely to succeed.

Ah ha, so there you have it then, an Olympic challenge, and so Hacking has just been made into an unofficial Olympic event for the 2012 games.

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