#TAMLondon – Andy’s Come to Jesus talk

When Andy Rutherford stood up and announced to the TAM audience, “I’m going to talk to you about Jesus.”, the reaction from a room that was mostly populated with Atheists and non-believers is more or less predictable. However, with nothing more that a few groans, politeness kicked in and we all suspended judgment. We were right to do so because it was not only quite informative, but was also truly entertaining.

The background here was that Andy, as a Journalist and a non-believer, had been on the infamous Alpha course and had then blogged about it all in the Guardian.

The talk itself had its bizarre moments, such as the TAM Audience reciting the Lords Prayer. Oh how I would have loved to be sitting near the door at that moment. The thought of somebody walking in at just that moment to be greeted by the sight of a room full of skeptics doing this would have generated a “WTF” moment that would have kept me amused for days.

There is much I could personally write about Alpha, especially since I’ve done one myself, but I’ll put that aside for now, because the true highlight for many was Andy’s “Ta-Da” slide.  It basically strips away the religious jargon and puts into plain English the message that Alpha preaches … I loved it … I’m sure you will as well.

On a slightly more serious note … if invited to go on an Alpha, then, as suggested by Andy, why not consider it, it can be quite entertaining. Because its an open forum, its an opportunity for you to gain an understanding of how these folks think as they attempt to convert you. You can also (politely) not only challenge them, but also expose them to some reality.

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