I have a list for you today, it’s a list of lists. I don’t consider this list to be a definitive list, instead it is collection of some of the interesting (“Oh thats cool”) lists you can find floating about on Wikipedia. I’ve broken them all down into several arbitrary categories.

Critical Thinking

  • List of paradoxes – some of these are based on fallacious reasoning, or incomplete/faulty analysis but all are interesting and it is grouped thematically.

Try this classic: “A male barber shaves all and only those men who do not shave themselves. Does he shave himself?” … think about it now, then when you get flustered, go look it up.

For example … “The word “fuck” did not originate in Christianized Anglo-Saxon England as an acronym for “Fornication Under Consent of King” and also … “The word “crap” did not originate as a back-formation of British plumber Thomas Crapper’s surname”. (Is this the point at which you tell me that these are really true and anybody who disagrees is talking “cp” and can go and “fk-off”)

For example, correlation not causation … I cut the grass and it rained … “Hey, cutting grass causes rain … right?”. Being familiar with these is a useful tool to retain in your skeptical toolbox.

  • List of cognitive biases – the many distortions in the human mind that allows normal sane people to embrace truly crazy stuff as “truth”

Science and Philosophy

Death, War and disasters

The things we do not agree about

One for the Grammer Police

  • List of words with uncommon properties


how does all this make you feel? Whatever it is, it must be somewhere on this list …

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