350 people overdosing on homeopathy for 1023 2011

I’m sitting in the room here live-blogging the days activities … so I cut and pasted this posting from “The Pod delusion” here … (And yes I’ve just consumed a 31C phial of belladonna and I’ve still breathing)

We’re here at QEDCon in Manchester, where 350 people have just ‘overdosed’ on homeopathy to prove that there’s nothing in it, as part of the 1023 campaign. Here’s a video of the overdose event:

(We [The Pod Desusion folks] might have a higher quality one up later). We’ll also hopefully have some coverage on the regular Pod Delusion podcast (check out the latest show by the way). Also, do check out last year’s 1023 special on the event in London which made news all around the world.

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