Two on-line petitions for you to sign – Will it make a difference? Yes it will.

If you are on-line you will often come across some truly tragic stories regarding people who are being abused horrendously or who have their human rights being trampled into dust, and often you will find a petition for you to sign associated with it. So will it make any difference? You might be tempted to … Read more

Christian Couple sent to Jail … because of their faith

There is news that a Christian couple have been given a ten year jail sentence. Yikes, sent to jail for being a Christian, sounds horrendous … what backward nation of barbarians have inflicted this dire punishment, who was it that persecuted these poor souls … Iran, Iraq? … Nope, it was the state of Pennsylvania … Read more

Murder of at least 20,000 women a year

Robert Fisk wrote a tragically heartrending article in the UK Independent a couple of days ago. Its a topic that should not simply be shuffled into the “Oh that’s interesting category” and then forgotten ago … but rather is a subject that demands action … Honor Killings … It is a tragedy, a horror, a … Read more

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