Flordia Psychic found guilty of fraud and sent to jail

First the basics – there are no psychic powers Before we start, let’s clarify one very important point … Nobody has “Psychic” powers, they do not exist and have never been successfully demonstrated under controlled conditions. Or to put that another way … they are all frauds … no exceptions. Ah but it is not … Read more

The Vitamin Myth

[Hat tip to Carlos Pruitt for pointing me at the Guardian article] A rather pervasive myth within our modern culture is the belief that popping Vitamin supplements gives you a distinct health advantage, but this is not true and is instead a modern myth. I’m no exception and in my time I’ve been rather guilty of reaching for … Read more

The “Certainty of Faith” vs “Skepticism”

The beating heart of modern science is skepticism, or to be more precise, Scientific Skepticism. This essentially means that when presented with a claim, is it not simply accepted, no matter who said it or how profound it might be, but instead you challenge the idea and ask if there is verifiable evidence that confirms it. This … Read more