Webcast Summary: Tony Blair vs Christopher Hitchens

First the most immediate (and most common) question … “Is there an archive of the webcast available?” … The answer is yes.  … If you go to http://www.munkdebates.com/home.aspx you can pay them, $2.99 to get access. Now don’t be shocked, yes they want a few bucks, but its only $2.99, they are not a charity, … Read more

Live Webcast: Christopher Hitchens vs Tony Blair

Yes indeed, the big day is fast approaching … Blair really has agreed to debate Hitchens in Toronto on 26 November (the event will be streamed live online, link for that live streaming is below at the end) on the motion: “Is religion a force for peace or conflict in the modern world?”. It should … Read more

Is religion a force for good… or would we be happier without God?

The Guardian has a fabulous article today …I’ve cut and pasted the start of it here, so that you get the flavor … if it hooks you, I’ve put a link at the end to the entire article so that you can read it all. Beware .. we have a couple of pro-religious kooks here, … Read more