A bit of fun …Messing about with Gravity

There exists a very strange place on planet earth, so weird that gravity as we know it does not appear to work as we expect.

Here is a clip by well-known skeptic, Brian Dunning, illustrating this weird anomaly. It is located within Death Valley deep inside one of the hidden canyons (Mosaic Canyon) and caught my attention because I was in that exact spot a couple of months ago myself and was quite amazed by it. Anyway, here is Brian explaining …

OK, so what is going on here, is this credible or is there something else happening? Does gravity really behave like this?

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Tim Minchin-the good book

Tim Minchin at his best … enjoy. [No long post today … I’m on the road and off to QED in Manchester] If you liked that, then pop on over to YouTube and key in his name for more of the same. If you want to know more about him … His Wikipedia page is … Read more

Massive copyright lawsuits – not a great idea

I must confess, I truly do fail to understand why the entertainment industry embarked upon a campaign of massive copyright lawsuits against their own customers. There is a great deal to be said about all this, and also the obvious observation that technology has greatly disrupted their business model, but in what universe is suing your customers a good response.

There is much that could also be said about the concept of copyright itself. I do indeed understand the driving force. The originator of a work needs to be able to retain the rights to that work. Preserving income is desirable, and ensure that we can continue to receive a stream of future works … but then the industry appears to have lost the plot – exactly how many new works do we honestly expect John Lennon to produce by preserving the copyright of all he did?

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