A Phrase that rhymes with “Clucking Bell” !!!

Checking the stats for this site today blew me away … instead of the usual half dozen faithful readers (you know who you are … and my thanks to you all), I’ve already had hundreds of readers … and its still early in the morning, so what happened? Later, while getting my daily dose of Pharyngula, I made the discovery that I’ve been Pharyngulated … PZ writes …

You can read the #TAMLondon hashtag to get an idea of the audience reaction, and Martin Robbins has liveblogged the whole weekend. Or if you’d rather, you can read few short sound bites.

My link is the “few short sound bites” bit. I’m truly honored (blushes), I’ve been mentioned in dispatches. But then thinking about it for all of say … 2 seconds … it soon becomes clear that the real honor does not belong to me, it belongs to all those who organized TAM including Tracy King, and her faithful army of folks who oiled the wheels behind the scenes, that made it possible for so many to come together so that the flames of skeptical passion could be ignited by so many true skeptical heroes … such as Randi, PZ and so many more inspirational individuals.

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