Michael Nugent debates Shari’a with Mufassil Islam at TCD

Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland had a debate with Mufassil Islam on the topic of Shari’a, and was a lunchtime parlay organized at Trinity College Dublin by their Theological Society last Thurs 7 March.

Michael did a fine job, here is a ten minute summary extract showing the key points made …

Prior to the debate, Mufassil was plastering my Facebook page and personally telling me and about 48 others (by name) all about it. Then after the debate, he is boasting …

All the big talkers on internet become pussy cats whilst at live debates with theists. They mock whilst they have no opponents at speeches but can hardly debate when there is a formidable opponent. I have proved that in my recent debate with the leader of the atheists in Ireland.

I’ve honestly no idea what debate Mufassil attended, but it was clearly not the one above where Michael Nugent complete trashed every point he attempted to raise.

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