Egyptian Blogger Alber Saber needs your help – Please sign the Petition

Alber Saber, a 25-year old Egyptian blogger who ran the Egyptian Atheists Facebook group, has been jailed for the vile crime of disbelief. He posted the now infamous 14-minute trailer for the film “Innocence of Muslims” on the Facebook wall of his group and stirred up a bit of a storm.

A “friend” of Mr Saber’s somehow worked out that the  Facebook page was his and told everybody. In response, an angry crowd  gathered outside his house baying for his blood … literally. His mother called the police so that they could sort it all out. Their “solution” was to arrest him … here is what happened …

He was allegedly thrown in a crowded jail cell and the officer allegedly told those in the cell that Saber had insulted the Prophet Muhammad. There are reports that Saber has been attacked in the jail cell and according to one blog, his neck was slashed with a razorblade.

Rebecca Watson has a petition for you to sign …

That entire jolly party of deluded bigots was gathered due to one young man running a Facebook group. What. The. Fuck.

I “liked” the Free Alber Facebook page, but I wasn’t able to find any petition to get behind. So I made one! I’ve contacted the admin of the Free Alber page in the hopes that he can give me some more info, but in the meanwhile I plan to petition the Egyptian government as well as the United Nations and the US Department of State. Even if the Egyptian government doesn’t care about a petition, if we get enough traction then there’s a chance that this story could get picked up in the English-speaking media. If you have any suggested additions to the petition, please let me know.

But please, sign the petition and ask your friends to sign the petition. There’s a chance that we could help an innocent man who has been unjustly imprisoned for his atheistic views.

>>Sign the Petition to Free Alber Saber<<

I’ve signed, please take a few mins to join me and sign as well, he needs our help.

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