20% of the Irish Population are complete morons!!

First, I better make one thing clear, I’m Irish born and bred, so I’m allowed to say that 20% of the Irish Population are complete morons; its not a racist statement, but is instead a factually confirmed statistic.

“Really!!”, you might say, “How so?”

Well, the news is that the Irish “We The Citizens” website has published a report. It is 99 pages long (Ugh), but buried in there we discover that more than eight in every ten Irish people want the church and state to be totally separate, 65% strongly agree that this should happen, and less than three in ten have quite a lot or a great deal of confidence in religious groups.

Now, given the recent history of revelations regarding the catholic cult and the manner in which they have conspired to cover up decades of abuse, given the endless stream of tales of misery that they inflicted upon those in their care … why oh why does anybody with functional cognitive abilities actually think that complete separation of church and state is a bad idea?

I can only conclude that this percentage of the Irish population are indeed moronically stupid, but of course the other observation is that the rest, especially the 65% have clearly demonstrated a considerable degree of common sense.

Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland blogs about this report here.

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