Petition: please sign and help create the largest environmental reserve in the world

15161_AmazonIndigenous_1_460x230An ambitious project is underway to create the largest environmental reserve in the world, protecting 135 million hectares of Amazon forest. That’s more than twice the size of France!

… but …

…it won’t happen unless Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela’s leaders know the public wants it, and so that’s where you can help.

Actually things are not too difficult here because Colombia is already on board. Now, if we create a huge global push to save the Amazon and combine it with national polls in all three countries, we can give the Colombian president the support he needs to convince Brazil and Venezuela. All three leaders are looking for opportunities to shine at the next UN climate summit. Let’s give it to them.

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They are looking for 500,000 signatures … and as I write this, we are up to 349,563, so this is not only worthwhile, it is achievable.

What has been happening?

The fate of the Amazon rainforest is dangling by a thread. After declining for a few years, deforestation rates started rising again last year, and shot up in Brazil by 190% in August and September. Current laws and enforcement strategies are failing to stop the loggers, miners and ranchers. The best way to regenerate the forest is by creating large reserves, and this ecological corridor would go a long way to help save the fragile wilderness of the Amazon.

Some say reserves hold back economic development, others say they are implemented without consulting the indigenous communities. But those behind this proposal have committed to full engagement and collaboration with the indigenous tribes. And 80% of the territory in this plan is already protected. All that this ground-breaking proposal really requires is regional coordination and enforcement.

Indigenous peoples and activists have lost their lives protesting the devastation of the Amazon’s ecology and their home. If we now unleash our massive global community led by Avaaz members in Latin America, we have a unique power to get these leaders to agree to this step forward in the fight against climate change and species loss. Sign now — let’s give these leaders huge public support for this amazing Amazon plan.


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