Who are Extinction Rebellion (@ExtinctionR)?

extinction rebellion

In the face of the overwhelming scientific evidence, a new international social movement called Extinction Rebellion has emerged. Their goal is zero carbon emissions by 2025, and that is just 7 years away. The strategy is not to simply ask or propose, but to actively engage in non-violent protest and disruption. Since the founding of … Read moreWho are Extinction Rebellion (@ExtinctionR)?

What is the Green New Deal?

green new deal

If the phrase “Green New Deal” brings to mind Roosevelt’s New Deal then you have indeed instantly jumped to the correct image, because this is exactly what the term is designed to do. The idea is to take Roosevelt’s economic stimulus and blend in Green ideas such as renewable energy and resource efficiency The term was first coined … Read moreWhat is the Green New Deal?

How to Change Minds – A Street Epistemology Inspired Video

Street Epistemology

I would argue that effective meaningful communication is itself both an art and a craft, so it is perhaps wholly appropriate for an artist to create something that does just that. What is the Story Here? Back in 2017, Artist Rebecca Fox and also Street Epistemologist Anthony Magnabosco had display tables at the QEDCon conference in Manchester … Read moreHow to Change Minds – A Street Epistemology Inspired Video

What can you do about Climate Avoidance? – Top 10 tips


Climate Denial is the rejection of what is now a well established observational fact – our climate is warming and all the fossil fuel greenhouse gases we are pumping into the atmosphere are causing it. Regardless of the tribal GOP stance on the topic, the vast majority do accept that this really is happening. This … Read moreWhat can you do about Climate Avoidance? – Top 10 tips

September 8th – Rise for Climate

rise for climate

Tomorrow, Sept 8th, is Rise for Climate day. The weekend of 8-9 Sept will see people all around the world getting together to hold events under the banner of Rise for Climate. This is grassroots movement seeking a fossil fuel free world. Is there an event near me? Probably yes. There are over 600 events taking … Read moreSeptember 8th – Rise for Climate

What is the Religious Liberty Task Force?

Religious Liberty Task Force

A Religious Liberty Task Force sounds and feels like something out of the Handmaids Tale, and yet it is quite frighteningly real. It might in the past have been deemed absurd to think that the Attorney General of the United States would embark upon a religiously inspired holy war against the LBGT community, yet that … Read moreWhat is the Religious Liberty Task Force?